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Firefighter Wraps,

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We believe that hard work, commitment and dedication can save your life. Designed by Athletes for Athletes, Am-Wraps.

Our Story

As a Public Safety Professional for over 18 years Freddie gained an enormous amount of weight but couldn’t understand why. He started CrossFit® and was trained under Firefighter and Coach Fausto “Tino” Villarroel. In 2010 with the help of Tino and his co worker Jimmy Chovan Freddie lost over 112 lbs. In 2011 Freddie went in to see his doctor for his annual physical test and was told he had a large tumor in his brain. As a firefighter and his new commitment to health and fitness, he under went surgery and began a long year of chemotherapy and still trained under CrossFit® trainers and Owners Tino and Adam at CrossFit® Immersion. He recovered fully and after two long years he continued his CrossFit® training and started to share what saved his life and developed the website shiftWOD.com. The website launched in 2011 and has been featured by the largest magazine in firefighting, Fire House.

In 2012 he started his Olympic Weight Lifting Class  there he started to understand the true principles and techniques of Olympic Weight Lifting and the true understanding of the wrist support needed to increase a high level of performance. He started to see the popularity and trends of CrossFit® emerge throughout the east coast that’s when he got with his trainer Tino and his cousin, the owner of a large apparel company in South Florida, and was able to develop and produce a more durable but yet cost efficient wrist support wrap available on the market today. Am-Wraps, designed by Athletes for Athletes through hard work commitment and dedication our product has full money back guarantee. As Athletes and Public Safety Professionals we believe in our product and the support and stability you, the athlete needs during your workout and routines.

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